Graines de Vie

What is it?

Graines de Vie is an association created by a small group of women involved in perinatal care and interested in making the first steps towards a social transition based on the theme of the family in its broadest sense. Our professional and personal experiences have brought us together around a common dream and a need that we all felt when we became mothers: to be much better accompanied, supported and informed in the field of parenthood.

Our values


Positive parenting

You’re not born a parent, you become one, and we promote activities that foster caring parenthood. These extend to the phases of becoming parents, being parents, being grandparents and so on.

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Physiological mothering

We promote and encourage physiology in areas related to motherhood: birth, breastfeeding, post-partum, babywearing, co-sleeping, etc.

Feminine and masculine

We promote the discovery of the particularities of each gender and encourage the celebration of our bodies as women or men in union with the living.


Respect for people

Each being is unique and has its place within the community. We encourage the development of the self and its potential in the sense of this uniqueness, while respecting the rhythm of each individual.


Respect for nature

The earth bears us and nourishes us abundantly. We promote responsible, sustainable, organic and local consumption, as close as possible to zero waste.


The circular economy

We support a local economy, promote networking and bring together social/professional players to share and create collaborative, rather than competitive, synergies.

Graines de Vie - Family photo

Aims of the association

● Support families through meetings, activities, listening and sharing

● Promote and encourage physiology in the field of mothering

● Organize activities: meetings, courses, events, workshops, conferences, seminars, exhibitions

● Network and collaborate with various players in family support fields

● Promoting a local, circular economy

● Raising awareness of sustainable and responsible consumption and respect for living things

● Raising awareness and encouraging participation in art and culture

● Develop a family café project to support families


Agnès Leonetti

Active in the field of human exchanges for many years, I am passionate about inner ecology and parenting.

Alexia Binggeli

By offering a place to meet, share and grow together, Graines de Vie opens up the possibility of daring to speak out, daring to be, daring to become.

Fabienne Pahud

With the arrival of my first child, I discovered physiological babywearing. It quickly became a passion, and in 2015 I trained to become a babywearing instructor.

Aya Kato Glutz

In Switzerland since 2007, and passionate about bringing Japanese and Swiss cultures together as mediators, I have worked as a tour guide, interpreter and coordinator.

The committee


The association’s committee is made up of the above-mentioned co-founders and an auditor. for 2023

Agnès Leonetti

  • Co-presidents
  • Public relations and fundraising manager

Alexia Binggeli

  • Co-presidents
  • Administration and Accounting Manager

Fabienne Pahud

  • Marketing and social networking manager

Aya Kato Glutz

  • Marketing and website manager

Yvan Binggeli

  • Auditor