Agnès Leonetti Organic

Born in 1972 and of Franco-Portuguese origin, I lived in Scotland for 11 years.
I’ve been living in Switzerland, in Biel, since 2004, and I’m the mother of three grown-up children born very close together, including twins. I speak and work in French, English and Portuguese. I’m interested in all aspects of the transition of our society, first and foremost internal and personal, as well as in the subjects of caring education. I touch you with hands, emotions, words and personality that support you, respect you and help you maintain a healthy confidence in yourself and in life. I’ve been practicing holistic therapy for over 15 years, and I’m aware that you have to change yourself to change the world. I accompany everyone in this sense, through active listening, care and healing. I’m involved in perinatal care and the Graines de Vie project because these activities represent the values and transformations that motivate and enliven my life, and that I’m keen to share and pass on through my coaching.